How to reduce meal time stress with fussy eaters

Non Sandwiches Lunches

by Sarah Leung, Nutritionist and Dietitian NON-LUNCHBOX IDEAS By autumn, kids are back to school and most people are back to work with a routine and one of the most common challenges…

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Autumn Exercise Give HIIT a go!

By Erin Splatt from Results In Motion Summer is drawing to a close soon and what better time to focus on your outdoor training. The early AMs and nights are balmy, daylight…

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Overnight Oats

MATCHA, STRAWBERRIESAND LYCHEE OATS Ingredients • 1/3 cup rolled oats • 2/3 cup liquid (almond milk, water, soy milk, cow’s milk, rice milk) • 1 heap tsp matcha powder • 2…

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Remedial Massage vs Relaxation Massage


by Stacey Higgins, Remedial Massage Therapist Remedial massage is defined as “the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and…

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How to deal with food cravings

By Melinda Braithwaite, Nutritionist and Dietitian Do you find that you have been eating healthy all day, but by mid-afternoon or evening you are craving foods such as chocolate, cake, biscuits or chips….

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Picky Eating vs Problem Feeding

By Amanda Pettman, Dietitian and Nutritionist PICKY EATING IS NORMAL Most young children are picky eaters. For example, it is typical for children to: • Tolerate different amounts and types…

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