A Little Smart Thinking Goes A Long Way – How Planning Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Everyday we can struggle – we struggle with work, family commitments, finances, social life – it’s never ending. One of the scary outcomes of these life struggles is our inability to maintain our health, and by the time we realise it is often too hard to make changes.

As health professionals we often hear the difficulty people have with looking after their weight or overall health, and the most popular excuses tend to be based around lack of time or lack of motivation.

Deciding to make a change to your lifestyle can be daunting, you are suddenly having to change the way you eat, live and keep active. Far too often we see people not even start to make the transition as it is so terrifying, even making little changes can help raise those anxiety levels.

A great way to help you start your journey to change for the better is to set goals, and not just any goals, SMART goals. You may have heard this term before – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. It’s about creating goals that are not unrealistic or unachievable, it’s about setting yourself on a path that you can navigate and see an end target.


How do I create a plan that can help improve my health and weight?

Let’s walk you through how you put together a plan that can lead to success.


Specific – Give yourself a target that you can visualise.
“I will improve my health by improving my diet and exercising through yoga to lost 5 kilograms.”

Measurable – Now that have decided on a specific target, give it a measurable target.
“I will commit to attending five yoga sessions a month.”
“I will plan my meals for the week but allow myself one day a week to buy my lunch out.”  

Attainable –  If you know you are busy with other activities or do other exercise make sure your target is something you can realistically achieve. For example, you have said five sessions a month – that way if you miss one session in one week due to your timetable, you can do two the following week to make up.

Relevant –  Make sure your target is relevant to you, don’t decide that you want to run a marathon if it’s just not your thing! Choose something that suits you, your age and your lifestyle.
“Yoga suits me as I need to improve my breathing, weight and I don’t like group sports.”

Time –  This is your total time goal for your target.
“I will commit to attending yoga five times a month, improve my eating and lose my 5 kilograms by the end of January.”


At Healthy Energy we actually add to the SMART goal philosophy – we want to make it SMARTER!


Expert Help – If you do have any concerns or need that extra hand then seek out help from experts who can help steer you on your journey.
“I am not sure how I can improve my diet – I will see a nutritionist or dietitian to give me the tools I need.”

Reward – Once you do reach your goal, it’s time to celebrate and reward your achievements! Buy yourself a new outfit, pamper yourself with massage or maybe take yourself away for an adventure. You have completed your goals so sing it from the rooftops!


Now that you have set that goal, it’s time to do one more thing – write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that you can see everyday and will help keep you accountable.

You can do this, you just have to think SMARTER!