Chinese Medicine: The difference that makes the difference

Chinese Medicine (CM) is the longest practiced form of medicine, with archaeological and textual evidence of its practice as early as the 4th Century BCE. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, dietary therapy, meditation, remedial massage are all treatment modalities utilised by physicians to promote good health and longevity, prevent illness and cure disease.


CM is the only truly alternative form of medicine available today,as it is based on a completely different paradigm to Western Medical perspectives. Imagine for a moment a basic presupposition we hold as true in the West: that 1 + 1 = 2. Of course it does, right?! How could it be any other way?


The medical system that developed in ancient China was itself a cultural product of some radically different ways of perceiving the universe, influenced by Buddhist, Daoist, Confucian, Huang-Lao, and Naturalist philosophies. One of the earliest conceptions of how the universe works based on both astronomical and natural observations, formulated into the ideas of yin and yang.

Yin-Yang symbol of stone texture, the sign of the two elements i

In the beginning before everything there was nothing. However, if there is a nothingness, there has to be by definition and somethingness; and that creates the phenomenon of being two polarised states. And when you have two polarised states, there has to be a relationship between them, which means you then have three states; and this third state of relativity is expressed as a spectrum (described in ancient texts as the “ten thousand phenomena”).


Yin and Yang came to be used to describe the two polarised states. The etymology of the characters suggest that yang is conceived as the sunlit side of a hill, whereas yin is the shaded side of that hill. As time passes, the roles change – what was once sunlit in the morning is shaded in the afternoon and vice versa; thus they transform into each other. Not only that, but the two cannot exist without the other – they are inter-dependent and inter-related; a change in one will inherently lead to the possibility of a change in the other.


This idea of constant change is the fundamental concept in this paradigm. So there cannot be a reliance on a static, non-changing universe. To quote George Harrison, “all things must pass!”


The human body is no different. There is change going on at a cellular level (some would even say at a sub-atomic level) every second; at the very least with every breath. Wellness can shift into illness, physiological harmony can shift into disharmony; systemic functioning can shift into dysfunction. However, it also goes the other way – illness can change into good health! The idea that chronic illness can be reversed is inherent in CM. You became unwell due to changes in your internal environment; however by changing the internal environment, you can move from a state of illness to a state of good health and well-being.


Just because you are unwell now, does not mean you will be so in the future. In this paradigm, 1+1 does not have to equal 2 all of the time. You can choose which state you would like to be in. Our role as physicians is to guide you back to your natural state of harmony and health, and to intervene with medicinal treatment (such as acupuncture, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, meditation, exercise, and so on) when appropriate.


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