Gluten Free Corn Pasta

Few months ago I went to the Gluten Free Food Show to sus out the newest and latest gluten free products that are worthwhile recommending to my clients.

I came across the Sam Mills stand and they gave me a pack of 100% corn pasta (ingredient: 100% corn flour and water) to try. It has been sitting in my pantry since August and I have yet to try it. Last night I was making some chicken and mushroom pasta with onion, garlic, mushroom, chili, white wine, basil and truffle oil and the corn pasta was the only pasta pack left at home so I thought I would give it a try.

The pasta took about the same cooking time as normal wheat pasta but the boiling liquid became really starchy and cloudy after 5 minutes which reminds me of cooking vermicelli noodle.

Taste: surprisingly not bad at all! It taste quite similar to wheat pasta but a little bit softer. I guess that is because of the absence of gluten which takes away the ‘chewiness’ of it.

I would definitely recommend corn pasta for those who are recommended for gluten free or wheat free diet by their health care professionals (never self diagnose!). However, the ingredients I used to cook my pasta were not all FODMAPs friendly for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers.


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