Meditation -­ The Forgotten Branch Of Yoga!

By Lauren Green -Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.

Many people are generally interested in ways to boost their immunity to illness; however, there is one field that is often overlooked by the general public in this pursuit and that is the relationship between mind and body. We know that feeling anxious or nervous can lead to an upset stomach, constipation or a headache, stress can lead to heart attacks and ulcers, depression can lead to feeling heavy and lethargic with little energy. While feelings of happiness increase our energy and immunity. Meditation is an example of the mind body relationship and how it can improve physical health through optimal immune function by causing changes in the brain and tissue chemistry through the relaxation response, reducing the tension of voluntary and involuntary muscles, positive changes to mood and perceptions, and improving pain tolerance and abilities to cope with health issues. By triggering the relaxation response meditation can reverse the physiological effects of stress. Brainwave patterns change to the alpha state, which indicates that the mind and body are resting while remaining alert. While meditation has many number of positive health effects, there are some that specifically influence the immune system;

  • • Meditation boosts the immune system is by increasing levels of antibodies in the body. One study showed that weekly meditation training for 8 weeks lead to significantly higher levels of antibodies (responsible for ridding the body of foreign viruses and bacteria ) than the control group.


  • • Meditation can reverse the damage caused by daily stress. This allows the meditator to be in a more positive state of mind while at the same time increasing oxygen uptake and blood flow. This all acts to enhance the immune system in meditators.


  • • Meditation increases electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex, the right anterior insula, and right hippocampus. These are all the parts of the brain responsible for positive emotion, awareness, & anxiety, as well as being the command centre for your immune system. By stimulating these parts of the brain through meditation the immune system will function much more effectively.


  • • Although much is still unknown about the mind–‐body link in terms of the biochemical science of the  process, it is known that the immune system responds to thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to better immune health while negative thoughts can mean to a decrease in immune health, and therefore overall systemic health.


Meditation is basically a cost free ,medication free, non-invasive way to boost the immune system as well as overall systemic health.


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