Staying mindful during the cold through yoga

The cold weather in Winter can be a challenge to both our minds and bodies as the temperature drops and our bodies begin to set themselves into a heightened mode of survival. This can generally lead most of us feeling attracted to higher levels of comfort as the body tries to adapt to the cold temperature, whether it is through a decrease in activity level or increased consumption of food. Our senses become blurred and our mind unfocused as we succumb to these sensations and urges of the body.

In the practice of yoga we strive for awareness of our 5 senses through mindfulness of the breath and the body. Through breath work, Pranayama, the practice of breathing in and out prana (vital energy), enables us to focus on drawing in this energy to stimulate and recharge our mind and body, and in result settle our thoughts and bring consciousness to the subtle sensations of existing emotions and physical sensations. Strengthening our body through postures, Asana, enables us to build strength and flexibility to the body in order to purify it from any blockages that may cause distractions to the mind. Through both Pranayama and Asana we slowly train ourselves to become more resilient to the changing environment with the goal of becoming more stable and more flexible in both mind and body.

Working on controlling your mind and body through yoga practice provides the benefits of not only strengthening your immunity this Winter but also allows you to be present and focused. When your thoughts are focused you can create a state of stability and peace in your life – for whatever environmental challenges you may face.

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For more practical tips on how to survive this winter including stretching and nourishing recipes, download our Winter Survival Guide below.

Winter Survival Guide

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