The Real Food Movement – made by people who care

by Sarah Leung

On Monday, I missed out on hanging out with my nutritionists Yvonne and Ashleigh to watch Run on Fat, I went to a networking event instead. The girls met up at The Real Food Movement Pop-up shop in Windsor and got me a ted bit jealous because I’ve heard so many amazing things from so many people!!!!

Well today, I decided to go hang out there with my newly met naturopath friend, Dionne.

This little gem is on Chapel Street in Windsor. The point of difference of TRFM is not only the fact that all their foods are certified organic, sustainable and it all come in cute little WECK air tight containers, they serve small and larger portion main meal as well as desserts. They are different because as soon as you walk in, you can really feel that they care!They care about the environment because while you can eat in or take away, but if you bring back your WECK jar, you get a $0.5 credit towards your next meal. I had a delicious Hot & Sour Thai Chicken Salad while Dionne had the Poached Ocean Trout, both were AMAZING! They care about the quality of the food and they also care about how do people eat their food. There are headphones which connect to an iPod in front of each seat so you listen to meditative music while you eat. The aim of that is to emphasis the importance of savoring your foods and let food be your nourishment right then, right there to take that 10-15 minutes to enjoy and be grateful of your meal. I just LOVE that idea as I am a huge fan of mindful eating and this do just that! Well unfortunately I was with a friend so putting on the headphone the whole time will be rather rude… but hey when I go there again eating by myself, I sure will submerge myself in the full experience!

The Real Food Movement is located on 176 Chapel Street, Windsor. Check out their Facebook page with beautiful photos x