Turn the automatic pilot switch off, and control emotional eating

By Deirdre Rolfe
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Emotional eating is the umbrella for which habitual, hypnotic and unconscious eating falls. What it all adds up to is eating under the false illusion that you are hungry or need the food when really you are using food as a placebo, filler or a distraction in your daily life.

We are all operating on automatic pilot, unconsciously allowing old outdated programs to get us through our daily lives. Food becomes the convenient, easily accessible crutch in which we stuff down, distract, heal, soothe, reward, nourish, celebrate, hide, and obsess over. Like any toxic relationship, a negative payoff is created as we unconsciously crave our fix.

Until we address what food is really being used for in our lives and replace it with healthier coping strategies, the unhealthy cycle continues. Weight is a metaphor for what isn’t right in our lives. You need to identify your needs, areas of imbalance, and switch off the automatic pilot response to life. You need to change your environment, change the rituals in your daily life, feed your mind, and nourish your passions. In doing so you alter the way you think which changes the way you feel ultimately affecting your viewpoint.

The rewards in this changing process must be greater than the perceived effort. Chances are you have been using this form of coping for many years and however unhealthy it is more natural to you than change. The initial discomfort is where most people quit, but persevere and the new habits will become the new program in which you operate. Turn the automatic pilot switch off, and switch on to a new you and a new life.

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