Why Health Professionals Need To Be Innovative

Anthill Smart 100 Award

Innovation is one of Healthy Energy’s top values and I had a very proud moment when I got an email saying we have been chosen as one of the Anthill Smart 100 for 2015 – top 100 innovative businesses in Australia.

Innovation to me means creating something new that no one has done before and at the same time improves people’s lives. Innovation usually starts with a big wild dream and then working backwards looking at the steps required to achieve it. Take Apple and Facebook for example, these two companies changed the way we communicate due to their desire to be disruptive and their hunger for change.


How is Healthy Energy innovative?


My vision is to inspire people to look into after their health holistically and realising being healthy takes so much more than just having a good diet and exercising. Surrounding yourself with a good supporting network, having good mental hygiene and taking time out to focus on yourself are also very important and all these aspects should not be separated.


When I was working in a medical centre giving out meal plans to my clients day in day out was not serving my true purpose, I kept wanting to do more and give more value to my clients (as long as it stays within my scope of practice) and that drives me to innovate. When people have dietary issues they go to see a nutritionist, and when they want to relieve stress they might go for a massage. Of course everyone is experts in the modality they are trained in and we shouldn’t try to be everybody. But I thought, “Why not incorporate all services to bring together a holistic package?” Not only the clients can get care from different areas, let it be relieving stress by doing yoga, receiving dietary advice or getting acupuncture, health issues usually involve more than just one aspect anyway. And wouldn’t it be even better if you can get all the services you need under the one roof!


My innovation for Healthy Energy is our forever improving Design Your Health package. The program is designed to focus on mind and body wellness, incorporating nutrition, yoga, cooking, traditional Chinese medicine and massage into one treatment plan based on what you need the most. Getting the recognition reinforced us we are on the right track but we still have a very long road to perfect the processes and improve every aspect of the business.


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