About Us

Sarah Leung – The Founder with a Vision, Holistic Nutritionist & Dietitian

Why did Sarah decide to close Healthy Energy?

Sarah founded Healthy Energy Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre in August 2014 with the vision to provide holistic care to the local community. Over the last four years, she has helped many people improve their health, successfully taken her passion for cooking to teaching her clients simple and practical ways to cook through her cooking consultations a.k.a Cooksultations. Running this centre has been a dream came true to Sarah. In the last year, she has also launched an innovative Australian seaweed product alg Seaweed to address iodine deficiency in Australia and to make seaweed mainstream.

With her commitment promoting alg Seaweed in Australia and worldwide, her career as an academic at La Trobe University, end of the lease and to welcome her first baby in early August, Sarah decided this is the right decision to make. She will miss her clients and referrers who trusted her over the years, but she will return to consultation one day when she is ready. 

You can follow Sarah’s journey on Instagram @capturingyumminess

How did Sarah start Healthy Energy?

Sarah obtained her Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics degree from Monash University in 2009. She started Healthy Energy in 2010 from the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Between 2010 and 2014, she expanded to seven consultation locations across Melbourne, practicing in various medical centres and sports medicine centres.

Whilst building her business, she realised that something was missing – the capacity for her to offer holistic services. She understood that in order to identify the underlying root causes of medical conditions, she needed to look after both her clients’ mental and physical health. And having a wellness centre with complementary services had always been a dream of Sarah’s.

In 2014, after attending the Institute of Functional Medicine Conference in San Francisco, Sarah was inspired to teach nutrition through cooking and using food as medicine. In the same year, Sarah took a leap of faith and fulfilled her dream by establishing the Healthy Energy Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre.

Healthy Energy has been a finalist at three business awards in 2014 and 2015. Sarah’s role as the founder is to build a healthy community together with her clients and staff. She consults and gives personalised advice using foods and nutritional medicine, and has a special interest in food intolerance and women’s health.

Sarah also regularly contributes to newspaper and magazines. Her articles have been featured in Fairfax Media, Popsugar, Mindbody Magazine, Nourish Magazine, Waverley Leader, Marie Claire and many more.

Sarah enjoys a diverse and rather busy work schedule. In addition to managing Healthy Energy, Sarah also works for La Trobe University, in the development of a Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine course, as well as being the Head Nutritionist of the National Theatre Ballet School. Outside of work, Sarah loves to cook, takes ballet classes and pottery lessons.

Other languages: Cantonese

What is Healthy Energy?

Healthy Energy is a wellness hub consists of a team of qualified holistic practitioners working synergistically to empower and support our clients throughout all stages of their lives by embracing both conventional medicine and evidence based complementary medicine. We help our clients to be at their best for themselves and their love ones.

Our Values – the guiding principles of who we are

  • Practice with integrity
  • Inspire and be inspired everyday
  • Be true to yourself and be humble
  • Understand each client better than their understanding of themselves
  • Be innovative and practical
  • Always give 110% of everything that you do
  • Practice what you preach
  • Help each other excel
  • Be fun, have fun and don’t be afraid to be different
  • Never stop learning