Healthy Energy - Natural therapies Glen Waverley

Are you looking for a clinic that supports result driven and evidence based health and wellness services? Healthy Energy have you sorted. Our mission and vision is to inspire our clients to live a healthier life by having a healthy body and a healthy mind by combining conventional medicine and natural therapy. To ensure the professional standard of our service, all of our practitioners are qualified in their field so you can be sure that we know what we are talking about. Please click the links below and learn more about the services.

Holistic Nutrition Services

Be supported and reassured by our experienced nutritionists and dietitians. We ofer both one on one consultations or one on one cooking consultation providing you with a better understanding about the nutrition adequacy in your diet.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Customised package including stress management, whole food nutrition and ergonomics education.We can also design a 6-12 weeks challenges to increase employee engagement.