Artful – 6 Week Art Therapy

What is art therapy?

Art therapy uses the creative process of art-making to enhance a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Art therapy does not require any artistic skills because the focus is on the process, not the final product.  Art processes are activities that allow expression of our innate uniqueness and creativity therefore no ‘artistic’ skills are required.  Below are some examples of art processes:

– Looking at and responding to images, colours textures, objects, music etc.

– Exploring how art materials work on different surfaces and in different combinations.

– Doodling, colouring-in and collage

– Exploring unique ways of applying materials – drawing without looking, stencilling, printing, frottage (rubbings)


Who and what is art therapy for?

Art therapy is for anyone who wants to access and broaden their own inner strengths and awareness to better deal with the challenges of life. Through creating and reflecting on the art products and processes, participants can increase awareness of self and others, cope more effectively with stress or difficulties and experience the enjoyment of making art to build confidence and self-esteem.

Artful – Art & Mindfulness

‘Artful’ is a 6-session course that combines art processes with mindfulness, meditation and wellness techniques for a different path to clarity and calm. No ‘artistic’ skills are required because the focus here is on the art-making process, not the product.  An art process could be as simple as looking at an image and responding to it.​

Activities will include:

*using different art materials

* responding to colours/images/objects

*guided meditation and mindfulness techniques combines with art processes eg. drawing

*non-traditional drawing methods eg. stencilling, frottage, shared drawing, etc


Wednesdays: 12.30pm-1.45pm, and 8.15pm – 9.30pm beginning 19th April 2017, (until 24th May)

Cost: $165 including all materials. GST Free

For bookings and enquiries contact Caroline:

Phone: 0407 275 327

Email: [email protected]