How massage can help your text neck.

By Stacey Higgins,

As you read this, take note of your posture. Is your spine straight, feet flat on the floor, hips even, core muscles engaged with your head up?

For most people the answer is probably not. Throughout history poor posture was associated with office workers but in this new age where everybody has a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop it is universal. We’ve all done it, sat for hours staring down at our phones or computers reading articles, writing emails or just procrastinating on YouTube. And this is all on top of the hours spend at work or studying. It’s called text neck but it doesn’t only effect the neck.

The average adult human head weights 5kgs. When your neck is held correctly that weight is distributed evenly, as you bend forward the weight is uneven and increasing significantly. The picture below demonstrates how heavy your head feels on your neck as you bend it forward. To put it in perspective bend your finger back and hold it there. The pressure you begin to feel through the muscles and ligaments is obvious from the get go so imagine the damage you would do after an hour, two hours or more. This is what we are doing to our necks every day.

10-12lbs = 5kg,

27lbs        = 12kg’s,

40lbs        = 18kg’s,

60lbs        =  27kg


Image: Surgical Technology International

When you come in for a massage treatment complaining of neck or shoulder pain you would expect to have your back worked on but it is equally, if not more important to have the front of the body worked on. The muscles on the front will be tight and until they are released they will prevent you from standing up straight and the pain will return again and again. Your therapist may also give you some stretches to relieve pain on a day to day basis or recommend strengthening certain muscles.Lots of people find that they get headaches, upper back pain and shoulder pain but poor posture causes us to overstretch and add pressure to the back, neck and shoulders while constricting the muscles and organs on the front of the body. It can lead to some much more serious injuries like muscle spasms, muscle strains, herniated disks, pinched nerves and a decreased lung capacity.


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