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Remedial Massage vs Relaxation Massage


by Stacey Higgins, Remedial Massage Therapist Remedial massage is defined as “the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and…

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Posture Ballon

By Stacey Higgins, Remedial Massage TherapistWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download IT’S NOT NEW TO HEAR THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE BETTER POSTURE. IN TODAY’S SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTED SOCIETY THERE…

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Warming up muscles gently

By Stacey Higgins Remedial Massage Therapist When Spring comes around we all emerge from our self-imposed hibernation, squint up at the sun and decide that we had better start exercising to…

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Massage away the winter blues

by Stacey Higgins In winter when we move less our lymphatic system slows down. The lymphatic system plays a large role in our immunity by circulating any waste in the…

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Vacuum Cupping

By Stacey Higgins Cupping is one of the oldest treatments in the world; it has been recorded as being in use by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Originally animal horns and…

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How massage can help your text neck.

By Stacey Higgins, As you read this, take note of your posture. Is your spine straight, feet flat on the floor, hips even, core muscles engaged with your head up?…

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