Cooksultations – cooking consultations

  • What more can I do with broccoli, beans and cauliflower?
  • What is tempeh and how do I use it?
  • I eat quite healthy but I am running out of ideas.
  • I love buying Tabbouleh and I know it’s over priced, I wish I know how to make it.
  • I don’t want to buy packaged sauces from the supermarket
  • I want quick and healthy meal ideas and not elaborate master pieces.
  • I have food intolerance, what nutritious homemade snacks can I eat?


People faces these challenges on a day to day basis and we quickly learnt that giving out recipes is not enough (let’s be honest, how many recipe books are there on your shelves waiting to be looked at?).

Our Founder, Sarah Leung believes that ‘Food Heals and Food Connects’, as people living in the modern world is bombard with convenience packaged meals, fast foods, the kitchen became a foreign part of the house where it only become a place to store beers and frozen meals. Sarah’s vision is to teach people to get back to the kitchen with some simple and basic cooking and be connected to the place where food is produced with love.

Cooksultations are cooking consultations. Our nutritionists bring nutrition consultations to the next level, carefully assess your nutritional needs and fill the gaps of your nutrition knowledge. We then take you into the kitchen to teach you healthy dishes that suits your lifestyle and food intolerance.



Cooksultations are individual nutrition coaching sessions done in the kitchen. The first step of the Cooksultation is a Vitality Kickstart Session which all of our clients have to go through when they first started at Healthy Energy. We are not only teaching you how to cook but we need to understand your lifestyle, medical history, eating habits and your goals to make sure you are getting the most out of the Cooksultation. For example, if you have high cholesterol, we teach you to use ingredients that can help lowering cholesterol. Or if you are vegetarian, we make sure to teach you how to use ingredients that may help preventing nutrition deficiencies.

Cooking Classes

A cooking class is a fun way to learn in a group environment. It is an option for those who want to learn more about a particular style of cooking e.g. gluten free cooking, healthy desserts or healthy Asian cooking.

Need to get a present for someone? Cooksultations and cooking classes are great gifts for your loved ones. Contact us on [email protected] or ring 1300 318 817 to book in for yourself or your friends and family.


‘Many of the things we claim to cherish – family relationships, cultural identity, ethnic diversity – were all intimately linked to the making and eating of food and now are changing as we outsource more and more of our food preparation to restaurants and industrial kitchens. Not only do we cook less than  we used to, but more of us eat alone – at our desk, in our cars, standing at our kitchen counters. In America, the average family shares a meal fewer than five time a week.’ – Paul Robert, The End of Food.

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