Mindset Focused Weight Management

Feel Empowered and In Control Again!

Do you feel bad about yourself for snacking at 3pm and after dinner?

Do you hate shopping because you always need to go through clothes from the back of the rack?

Do you wish you have the will power to say stop eating when you know you have eaten too much?

Do you feel like you don’t have control over your appetite reaching the pack of biscuit when you are bored or you think you have no will power to say no to eating less treat foods. In fact you do! All you need to do is to understand how these habits became autopilot in the first place.

Our Keep It Off weight management program is a 12-week program designed for you to understand why you eat the way you eat. Guided by medical hypnotherapists, we explore any emotional eating triggers such as stress and anxiety, ‘all or nothing’ mindset, understand any subconscious baggage and build good relationships with food using tools and techniques such as virtual gastric band. While our nutritionist and dietitian educates you on whole food nutrition, how to cook easy meals and portion sizes. The KIO program is designed to leaves you feeling empowered and in control.

After all, if you need to change your behaviour for the long term, you have to first change your mindset.

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