Nutritional Supplement Review

In a 45 minutes nutritional supplement review consultation, we are like your personal nutritional supplement concierge helping you to understand your nutritional supplements effectiveness, drug interactions and dosage.

Why should you consider a nutritional supplement review at Healthy Energy?

The main benefits of the nutritional supplement review appointments is to help you understand

  • if nutritional supplement is necessary for your lifestyle and medical conditions
  • the type of supplements that may benefit you in conjunct with conventional medicine
  • any drug interactions between your current supplements and medications
  • the most effective form and dosage of nutritional supplement for your conditions


How is this different from going into a health food shop?

Many people walk into the pharmacy or health food shops to be sold particular brands by a sales representative which they may be bias to recommend the brands they stock in store. Not only that, no thorough assessment is done to ensure safety and applications for medical conditions which can sometimes be a dangerous move.

Melinda, our dietitian and nutritionist has a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine. Whereas she promotes food first and food as medicine, she also understands nutritional supplements are also part of many people’s life as research has shown that 70% of our population is taking nutritional supplements of some sort and many are self prescribed after seeing an advertisement or recommended by family and friends. Why not get some professional advice?

We know how to interpret the quality of a nutritional supplement and bounded by code of ethics, we only provide non-bias recommendations to our clients, we are not sale representatives!

Who is this service for?

Healthy individuals who are currently taking supplements to enhance their health wanting to review their supplements to ensure they are taking only what they need or people who wish to take nutritional supplements for their special needs, such as:


Scenario 1.

Penny, a 28 year old newly wedded thinking about starting a family. She lives a busy lifestyle and doesn’t always eat well. She understands supplementations might be important throughout pregnancy. She walks into a pharmacy and got the most popular brand thinking that is all she needs.

Penny might wants to know:

  • if that one pill covers all her nutritional needs for pre and post natal requirements
  • how much and what specific nutrients does she need by matching what she is missing from her diet
  • if there is any other nutrients such as fish oil and probiotics she might need during this important time of her life


Scenario 2.

Georgia, a 35 year old works part time and has two young children. She always feels tired, run down, cramps in legs after exercise and doesn’t sleep well. She started takin magnesium from the pharmacy. While her cramps and PMS improves, her bowel habits starting to change.

Georgia might wants to know:

  • if it is vitamin B, iron or magnesium is what she need to make her feel more tired
  • what nutritional supplements can help with boosting immunity
  • whether the nutritional supplement is causing the altered bowel habits


Scenario 3.

Rosemary, a 55 year old postmenopausal lady suffers from arthritis.  She has been told fish oil and glucosamine can help. She started taking one fish oil capsule from the pharmacy a day and found no difference in her joint pain.

Rosemary might want to know:

  • how much fish oil does she need a day
  • if there is any evidence in fish oil and glucosamine for arthritis
  • how to chose a good fish oil


Scenario 4.

Joyce, a 25 years old who is a vegan. Her GP told her to take iron supplement but she suffers from constipation two weeks after taking them.

Joyce might want to know:

  • if there are iron supplements that doesn’t cause constipation
  • if she need other supplements to meet nutritional requirements
  • what other strategies she can try to relief constipation


Frequently asked questions

Are we affiliated with nutritional supplement companies?

At Healthy Energy, we put client interest and safety first. Our nutritionists and dietitians have the knowledge to critically select nutritional supplements with safe and high quality formulas and ensure we understand your needs before recommending any supplements (bound by our code of ethics). For our client’s convenience, we stock a small quantity of both off the counter and practitioner only range such as Bioceuticals, Metagenics and Flordis. However, our clients are not obliged to purchase any supplements from our clinic if they wish to source their supply elsewhere.

Our role here is to support and educate our clients about their nutritional supplement use.

What about food?

As nutritionists and dietitians, we pride ourselves to be the food therapists using food first as first line intervention. Our regular dietetics consultations focuses on food, nutrition, cooking and how to use food as medicine.

Nutritional supplement plays a role in healing, wellness and recovery and 70% of our population self prescribed or is recommended to take at least one nutritional supplement of some sort. However, we see so many clients spending money on supplements that is not at the right dosage, taking nutritional supplements unnecessarily or not aware that some nutrient may interact with their complications, we just want to use our expertise and knowledge to help people understand what they are taking rather than wasting their money.

Pricing of services if applicable

45 minute consultation $97