Who we are

What is Healthy Energy?

Healthy Energy is a team of young and fresh qualified holistic practitioners working synergistically to empower and support women throughout all stages of their lives by embracing both conventional medicine and evidence based complementary medicine. We help women to be at their best for themselves and their love ones.


Our Values – the guiding principles of who we are

  • Practice with integrity
  • Inspire and be inspired everyday
  • Be true to yourself and be humble
  • Understand each client better than their understanding of themselves
  • Be innovative and practical
  • Always give 110% of everything that you do
  • Practice what you preach
  • Help each other excel
  • Be fun, have fun and don’t be afraid to be different
  • Never stop learning


Our Team


 Sarah Leung – The Founder with a Vision, Holistic Nutritionist & Dietitian

Sarah obtained her Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics degree from Monash University in 2009. She started Healthy Energy in 2010 from the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Between 2010 and 2014, she expanded to seven consultation locations across Melbourne, practicing in various medical centres and sports medicine centres.

Whilst building her business, she realised that something was missing – the capacity for her to offer holistic services. She understood that in order to identify the underlying root causes of medical conditions, she needed to look after both her clients’ mental and physical health. And having a wellness centre with complementary services had always been a dream of Sarah’s.

In 2014, after attending the Institute of Functional Medicine Conference in San Francisco, Sarah was inspired to teach nutrition through cooking and using food as medicine. In the same year, Sarah took a leap of faith and fulfilled her dream by establishing the Healthy Energy Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre. The centre now has multiple natural health therapist working collaboratively every day.

Healthy Energy has been a finalist at three business awards in 2014 and 2015. Sarah’s role as the founder is to build a healthy community together with her clients and staff. She consults and gives personalised advice using foods and nutritional medicine, and has a special interest in food intolerance and women’s health.

Sarah also regularly contributes to newspaper and magazines. Her articles have been featured in Fairfax Media, Popsugar, Mindbody Magazine, Nourish Magazine, Waverley Leader, Marie Claire and many more.

Sarah enjoys a diverse and rather busy work schedule. In addition to managing Healthy Energy, Sarah also works for La Trobe University, in the development of a Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine course, as well as being the Head Nutritionist of the National Theatre Ballet School. Outside of work, Sarah loves to cook, takes ballet classes and pottery lessons.

Other languages: Cantonese

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Melinda Braithwaite– Consultant Nutritionist & Dietitian

Melinda is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN) with a Master of Science (Dietetics) and Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). Melinda is also a registered personal trainer having completed her Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Melinda has always had a passion for food and nutrition. She enjoys working with clients helping to educate and empower them to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through embracing a healthy and sustainable approach to eating. Melinda has a particular interest in weight management using a non-diet approach, diabetes, coeliac disease and food intolerances. In her spare time Melinda enjoys cooking, running and reading.






DSC_5774Amanda Pettman – Consultant Nutritionist & Dietitian

Amanda is our consultant dietitian with ten years experience providing holistic, evidence-based, person-centred nutrition therapy for infants, children and their families. Her areas of expertise include: infant / child feeding problems (E.g. sensory food aversion, fussy eating /  food refusal, failure to thrive, developmental delay, food allergies / intolerance’s and gastrointestinal conditions), eating disorders (E.g. anorexia nervosa, bulimia and EDNOS), pre & postnatal nutrition (E.g. fertility, gestational diabetes and hyperemesis – morning sickness) and chronic disease / weight management (E.g. diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, cancer and psychiatric health). Amanda is currently completing a PhD at Monash University exploring the different ways patients’ and dietitians’ view and understand food and food-related behaviours.





Louisa Kwan – Positively Vegan, Yoga Instructor

Louisa completed her 350 hour Registered Yoga Teacher training at VedYoga under the guidance of Surya Vedant in June 2015. Louisa believes the practice of yoga is a journey of both developing and reminding ourselves of our capacity of harnessing the harmonsation of the breath, body, mind and soul.

Having begun her yoga practice 4 years ago, Louisa formulates her classes in a welcoming environment that allow students to develop their practice from beginner level to advance, focusing on the breath and the mindfulness it brings to the self of sensations in the body, and of stabilising the thought processes in the mind through sequences of postural practice. Louisa draws on the movement of the breath through the body to help students build the awareness of the present self in the poses practiced in each class. With attention on the breath and using it as a tool to draw the practitioner to the present moment, each class draws on themes such as unity and developing compassion within the practitioner to help build their spiritual self. As her learning is an ongoing journey, Louisa is currently completing her studies in physiotherapy assistance and community work.

“As we slowly strengthen and align body, mind and soul through yoga practice it creates an environment for balanced living and a spiritual journey to reaching our life goals.”

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DSC_4516Grace Koay – Yoga Instructor

Grace graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2003 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S.) and practiced medicine for 5 years. She then embarked on the journey of motherhood and is now a dedicated mother of three beautiful children.

She completed 350 hours of Yoga Teacher’s Training under the tutelage of Surya Vedant, Ved Yoga in 2015. Influenced by her teachers, peers and her medical background, she aims to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of her classes.

Her classes are open to all levels of life experience, it works with the importance of basic alignments, progressions, variations and adjustments for different ways to approach each asana as each individual body is unique. Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana, her goal is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Her classes are challenging physically and mentally, delivered with maximum hands on assist.

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DSC_0796Jasmine Ling – Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist


Jasmine is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist. She graduated from RMIT University with class 2A honours in her Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Chinese Medicine & Human Biology) and went to complete an internship at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, as well as the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China.

Jasmine is extremely passionate about Chinese medicine, as she has seen the numerous health benefits it has provided for herself as well as her patients. She wishes to bridge the gap in the knowledge and practise, between western and Chinese medicine for the general health of the community.
She has a special interest in the areas of general and chronic fatigue, womens health and stress, anxiety and depression, and is looking forward to helping you with any health complaints your may have.




DSC_0778Stacey Higgins – Remedial Massage Therapist


Stacey is our Remedial Massage Therapist having completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2015. Stacey is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. Stacey became interested in the benefits of massage after suffering from several injuries one after another. Being injured and held back from doing the things she enjoyed helped her gain an appreciation of the connection between body and mind.

Stacey is curious about the human body and apart from fixing musculoskeletal issues she enjoys finding out the reasons for its loss or breakdown in function which could be from internal issues such as nutritional or hormonal imbalance or external issues such as overuse, posture or movement problems. She works on restoring a balance in the body, whether that be from injury or the general wear and tear of life which enables people to perform better in all areas of life. In her spare time Stacey enjoys baking and reading.



DSC_5450 (1)Deirdre Rolfe – Clinical Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Deirdre is a Clinical Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and board member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association with over 20 years of work experience with individuals, couples and groups. She speaks regularly for the Victorian Counselor’s Association and The Ovarian Cancer Society. Deirdre’s service is all about fast, professional, effective, short term help and available immediately. Deirdre also practices at her own consulting suite in Franston – Counsellor On Call. Click here to find out more about our hypnotherapy and counselling services.







DSC_6342Angela  Croaker – Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Massage Therapist

Angela is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Massage Therapist. She has also spent many years as a Chef, specialising in wholefoods and various diets including Paleo and vegetarian as well as catering for numerous food allergies and intolerance. Along with creating delicious food, Angela is passionate about guiding others to achieve happiness, fulfillment and personal success in their lives, whether it be in relationships, career, health, finances or otherwise. When all aspects of ourselves – body, mind, emotions and spirit are aligned, we restore balance and harmony and the body’s intrinsic natural ability to heal itself.
Reiki is a very safe effective means for gently releasing old patterns and self limitations, clearing away blockages and finding comfort and peace in the stillness within.
“We all deserve to live, experience and be our full potential. I can help you on your path to completion by connecting you more deeply to yourself and the innate wisdom and knowing that resides in us all.”
Angela also enjoys bushwalking, camping, yoga, meditation, watching movies, creating and eating culinary delights and spending time with family and friends.




Durka Jegatheesan-Osteopath

Durka completed her studies in Osteopathy at Victoria University in 2014, obtaining Bachelors and Masters degrees respectively.  She is also a member of Osteopathy Australia.  Upon completion, she participated in volunteer placement program in Mumbai, India for 5 weeks where she worked alongside Orthopedic surgeons, Physiotherapists and Radiologists in a hospital setting treating a diverse range of conditions.

Durka is also a qualified Dental Hygienist & Therapist  and has therefore developed a strong interest in treating headaches, neck and jaw pain as well as postural related problems. She is also passionate about treating children and will be part taking in upcoming continuing professional development courses in paediatrics to further develop her skills. However, she treats people of all ages and incorporates a variety of direct and indirect techniques into her treatment, tailored to each individual. Her passion for osteopathy stems from her willingness to help people from a young age where she has been involved in charity donations, and assisted in orphanage charity drives in Sri Lanka by providing materials.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver” – Mahatma Ghandi.




Oscar – The Pet Therapist

Oscar joined the practice in September 2014. He lives in Sarah’s home and comes to work with her most of the time because he couldn’t stand the boredom being home alone. He is very gentle with all clients (adult and kids) and always loves a pat or a cuddle. He role is to bring in joy and smiles to everyone in the clinic.

He enjoys sun baking and good foods.






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