Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Glen Waverly

We offer Clinical/Medical Hypnosis utilising Cognitive Behavioural therapy, N.L.P, Parts Therapy and Aversion Therapy for deep Subconscious reprogramming.

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

  • Weight loss Program
  • Stop impulsive eating
  • Feel full, Crave Healthy food
  • Crave Exercise
  • Think Skim, Optimistically,
  • Feel Motivated
  • IBS
  • Stop associations that keep you symptomatic
  • Create messages in the mind that retrain your body to have healthy bowel habits
  • Crave foods that keep you well
  • Crave exercise to keep your metabolism in balance


Additionally Hypnosis is highly effective for Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Confidence ,Stage performance Anxiety ,Deep Sleep, Grief, Letting go of difficult people …and more

What are the benefits of Hypnotheraphy?

Fast, effective, deep subconscious reprogramming. We offer a professional Clinical /Medical hypnosis based on Psychology and behavioural conditioning based on proven results and experience. Anyone can be hypnotised. Ideal age range she sees however is 13 -65


Why choose us?

Our clinical hypnotherapist Deirdre got over 10 years of training, 20 years of professional experience and she is extremely fast and innovative at assessing your needs and individualising your “script” to give you a personal, professional and unique experience.

Additionally Deirdre is originally from Canada and her accent distracts the subconscious adding a deeper benefit as it allows me add suggestions you may not even be aware of , especially good for resistant behaviours.



What qualifications do we have?

  • Registered as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Hypnotherapist Assoc.
  • Registered as a Committee member with the Australian Hypnotherapist Assoc.
  • Registered as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with The National Guild of Hypnotists.
  • Ph.D. Doctorate of Therapuetic Counselling
  • M.T.C.  Master of Therapeutic Counselling
  • B.T.C. Bachelor of Therapeutic Counselling
  • D.E.C.  Social  Counselling Degree
  • Certificate level I-V: Clinical Hypnosis
  • Master level Nuero Linguistic Practitioners
  • Getspsyched Weight Loss Owner and Trainer
  • Certified Professional Practioner of Sheila Granger’s Virtual Band
  • Registered Hypnobirthing Practitioner – The Monagan Method
  • Elite Sport’s Performance Mind Coach

 We specialise in:

  • Weight loss
  • Clinical and Medical Hypnosis
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Cancer and Palliative support
  • NLP
  • C.B.T.
  • Time Line
  • Ego State
  • Parts Therapy
  • Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, during which your conscious mind is relaxed, allowing you to easily bypass its critical functioning, imbuing your subconscious mind with powerful suggestions. Hypnosis is backed by solid Medical, Scientific and Psychological evidence. The truth is, you are already being hypnotised daily by your own inner thoughts, behaviours, habits, conditioning, associations and of course by external marketing.

So what I do isn’t JUST about hypnotising you…in fact I am DE-hypnotizing YOU.

What if I can’t  be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a natural state we are all in all throughout the day.In a session I will explain in depth what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.Hypnosis is not a catatonic state where you are not in control.It is a state where physical and mental relaxation is created, it is a mind training learning.All I need from you is a willingness to change.

What is N.L.P.?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of the associations between what we say and the mind programs or “patterns” we create.NLP is a powerful tool added to your hypnosis session that allows you to create powerful Psychological states and anchors to reinforce your success.NLP is fast , powerful and highly effective.

What is Negative Adversion therapy?

Although most of what I do is positive focused…sometimes we all need a little extra boost to allow us to stop those stubborn habits. Negative adversion therapy reframes the positive associations you have to food, cigarettes or any other limiting behaviours and recreates a negative association, making it easier to simply say NO.

Why chose you over all those other hypnotists?

The Therapeutic relationship is important, you must feel a sense of trust in the quality of professionalism, standard of training, and an over all sense this person is right for you.I’m offering you over 20 years Professional experience, 10 years of training in Therapeutic Counselling to a Ph.D level, in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and other holistic modalities, over 8,000 hours of in resident training  in a multitude of various organisations: schizophrenia, Holocaust survivors, food banks, Homeless, Youth at risk, Private rehab Addiction Center,Community outreach,Death and dying,and Weight Loss retreats. In addition to this I maintain regular supervision,attend educational seminars for the required ongoing continual education, and I am on the board of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

And in my personal life I have 2 children, 3 step children, 3 grandchildren, I am a cancer survivor, former smoker, have successfully battled and won my own weight loss struggles, and use all of my training and MINDtools, to constantly reflect and inspire myself to be a highly evolved, humble, fun loving, optimistic, loving, responsible and contributing human on this earth. In other words…I walk my talk.

All my sessions for hypnosis are 1 hour in duration. Each session includes the use of Mind Tools, ways of re-framing your perspective to take back control of your situation, behaviours and ultimately your mind. Additionally I will explain how your mind works, the nature of ‘habit’ or ‘conditioned’ responses, why hypnosis works and how you can magnify its effectiveness.

“Give a man a fish  and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish… and you feed him for a lifetime…”


What does it cost?

  •  $150 per session
  • Each session is highly intensive
  • Most issues are resolved in 1-4 sessions

Some private health may give rebates  full invoicing available but you are required to contact your insurance company to receive benefits yourself