Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness program will help your employees discover just how easy it can be to give your body healthy, delicious food! It will give your employees the power to make healthier eating choices which will help improve their health and productivity. Plus, it is proven to help retain top performers in your organizations. In our corporate wellness program, we can include a cooking demonstration/class or a power packed seminar to help decode nutrition information in simple words. Our cooking demonstrations are based on the 5Es system: Easy, Educational, Empowerment (dishes that anyone can do!), foods that boost your Energy and are Environmental friendly. Examples of seminar topics include:

  • Healthy Eating for Busy Professionals
  • Virtual Supermarket Tours
  • Healthy Lunchboxes
  • Healthy Takeaways
  • Snacks at the desk
  • Superfoods: Hype or Helpful
  • Fad Diets, and many moreā€¦

We are here to help you place healthy nutrition at the heart of your corporate social responsibility. So let us help you achieve your goal and contact us today by filling in the Contact us form at the side.

Our Clients:

AMESWhitehorse Council waverley-leader UHG Telstra Super Stay Tuned Corporate Health SMRC Ruyton Girls School NAB Manningham Council Knox Council Home Economics Victoria Print Empired Ltd ConnectEast Brimbank CouncilBrimbank Council