Osteopathy in Glen Waverley

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor Still (A.T. Still) in 1885 in America and is based on the following 4 principles:

  1. the body is a unit
  2. the body is capable of self regulation, self healing and health maintenance
  3. structure and function are reciprocally inter-related
  4. rationale for treatment is based on the previous 3 principles


Osteopaths are holistic manual therapists focusing on the musculoskeletal system and all that it encompasses (i.e connective tissue, nervous and circulatory systems and organs) to restore health. Upon taking a thorough case history and examination, our osteopath will formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, incorporating a variety of treatment techniques to address the cause rather than the treat the signs and symptoms. Where necessary, osteopaths may liaise with and refer patients to other health care practitioners for further management.

Treatment techniques include:

  • soft tissue massage and stretching
  • joint mobilisation
  • joint manipulation
  • muscle energy technique (MET)
  • indirect techniques  (such as counterstrain, balanced ligamentous tension, cranio-sacral)
  • *Additionally our Osteopath is also trained in Dry needling.


Conditions that can be treated/managed:

  • headaches, migraines
  • Jaw pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder, wrist, elbow, wrist and hand pain
  • back pain
  • hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
  • posture-related problems
  • muscle strains, tendonitis
  • ligament and joint sprains
  • bursitis
  • sciatica
  • arthritis
  • women’s health
  • organ related conditions (Eg. constipation, reflux)
  • paediatric concerns (Eg. sucking difficulties)