Holistic Nutrition Kickstart Program

Are you sick of this roller coaster? It’s frustrating to go on diet after diet after diet, with the weight coming off and on and off and on…

A large portion of clients who come to see us for weigh management. Many of them have been there, done that with every diets you can think of but still can’t master to keep the weight off, be happy within themselves and have the energy that they deserved. It is because over time you have developed a poor relationship with foods and you just never know what works and what doesn’t work anymore.

Healthy Energy designed a signature program aiming to help you relearn the foundation of healthy eating, create a peaceful and joyful relationship with your food (healthy and unhealthy ones). This program is the Holistic Nutrition Kickstart Program.

What is the Holistic Nutrition Kickstart Program?

It is a 100% personally tailored program. Unlike other weight loss programs we do not use the “One size fit all” approach as everyone has different dietary needs, weight-related goals, lifestyles and food preferences. In our flexible weight loss and weight management coaching programs, each individual will receive a tailor made advice, meal plan and strategy that will help you drop your dress sizes, feel more energetic and have a positive attitude and relationships towards food.

What does the program involve? 

When we say 100% personally tailored, we mean it! The main components of the program include:

  • Cooksultations – one on one cooking class. We teach you what you want/need to learn whether it is interesting salads, gluten free muffins, tofu or sauces and dressing.
  • Ultimate Supermarket Experience – a thorough tour in the supermarket showing you how to interpret food labels and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of marketing loopholes.
  • Nutrition coaching – we sit down and talk about food, meal ideas, accountability, mindful eating, successes and not so successes so we have area for improvements as well as full body composition report.

The Result

By the end of the program, you will not only meet the NEW YOU but also feel more confident and will no longer be scared of indulging yourself in the foods you love. We will empower you with lots of tips and goodies that will help sustain your weight in a healthy and happy way. That’s why our program is called Healthy Forever!!

Are you curious?

Make an obligation free First Step to Health Session with our Nutritionists today to find out more. Call 1300 318 817 or get in touch via email [email protected]