Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese medicine

‘I want to find out how natural therapies can help me with my conditions’

‘I have tried different things but nothing seems to work’

‘I want to get down to the root cause of the problem, understand how does the body work as a whole, rather than keep fixing superficial symptoms’

Many people being prescribed by medicine cocktail but not getting better, or they know there are more to their symptoms and wanting to know more about what causes it. While Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn’t replace medical advice your doctor has given you. I may be a good combination working together to accelerate your healing progress.

Chinese medicine is still currently widely used in many countries, it looks at a person whole body system even when you only come in for indigestion as they believe that everything that happens in the body is inter-related.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine works?


Acupuncture.Chinese medicine treatmenAcupuncture is a medical practice that was used in Eastern Asia for at least 2500 years. It works primarily on the body’s energy, which flows through a network of channels. It is this multi-layered channel network that makes your body an inter-connected whole system. By working with certain points along these channels, a qualified acupuncturist is able to work with your body’s innate self-regulating systems to enable healing and maintenance of physiological systems. In this way, acupuncture can be used to address any disorder, as the acupuncturist seeks to address the unique and specific pattern of disharmony which is presented.

Acupuncture is painless, using pins that are finer than any medical needle and are shallowly inserted. The most important points are located on the arms and legs, and only sometimes on the abdomen or back. The needles are sterilised, single-use needles which are disposed of after use.

Acupuncture is effective for all types of digestive problems, mental and emotional issues, hormonal and menopausal complaints, menstrual pain, chronic pain, men’s health, and stress-related issues.

We know that the more frequent you use acupuncture, the faster you get results. For that reason, Healthy Energy Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre offers multi-bed acupuncture services. We can treat multiple clients at one time and there for it is more cost effective for our clients.

*Multi-bed acupuncture is only for follow up appointments as we need to spend more time to understand you at your first appointment.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicineThe practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine goes back to pre-historical times when early healers found that certain foods, leaves, and roots were able to help people recover from illness. Soon, they discovered that certain plants were also very useful for preventing illness and promoting longevity.

It is a unique form of herbal medicine, in that herbs are always combined and cooked with each other to provide a medicinal formula that addresses the pattern of disharmony in which an illness will manifest itself in. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a saying, “same disease, different treatment; same treatment, different disease”, which emphasises that every person has a unique presentation of illness, and must be treated accordingly. It is also said that in TCM, a person is treated, not the disease. As such, herbal prescriptions are based on what you need in that moment, and so it is not unusual for a prescription to be altered slightly during your course of treatment.

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