Yoga and Meditation

Healthy Energy believes good health consists of an active and mindful lifestyle. Do you feel uncomfortable walking into a yoga studio of fit and advanced yogis? We offer both yoga classes and workshops focusing on the health benefits of yoga in the setting of a friendly wellness centre. Absolute beginners welcomed!

Mats are provided and organic tea is served after each class.

Class Types

All classes at Healthy Energy are suitable for absolute beginners to the more advanced student. Our yoga instructors are experienced in providing alternative options suited to any requirements you may have, and customise according to your experience. Each class consists of a variety of stretches and poses to warm the body up whilst maintaining correct body alignment. We deliver classes to help improve your flexibility, increased energy levels, strength, balance and co-ordination.

Slow Flow (Saturdays 9.30am-10.30am)
With Grace Koay
A slow flowing connective sequence of basic stretches and poses that aren’t held for too long. This class is designed to suit both beginners and advanced students who like a more dynamic yet slow paced and gentle class.

Restorative & Meditation (Sundays 4.30pm-5.30pm)
With Louisa Kwan
The class aims to leave you relaxed and grounded, and consists of poses for calming both the body and mind. Gentle poses are held for longer to work into the deep connective tissue of the body, with the use of blocks, straps and blankets. The class ends with a period of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation to take you into a state of deep sleep while you remain conscious, bringing you clarity of mind, calmness and stillness.

To book, please contact [email protected]

Bi-monthly Back to Basics Workshops

An introduction to yoga for absolute beginners, as well as the regular yogi!

We all hear that practicing yoga has a host of benefits for the body, mind and soul, but have you tried practicing yoga yourself? Perhaps it seems too difficult, you feel you are not flexible enough, you want to lose weight before you practice, or you are simply NOT READY FOR YOGA?

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of what yoga is all about, and is the perfect opportunity for absolute beginners to understand the practice in a comfortable, nurturing and welcoming environment.

  • Learn the origins of yoga and its benefits to our bodies and how it can be applied to the modern lifestyle.
  • Learn and understand how to do common basic poses that pop up in any style of yoga class.
  • Experience stillness with a period of relaxation with sound healing.
  • Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to attend any yoga class!

Cost: $30 (Healthy Energy yoga members $25)

Mats and workshop material is provided. Organic tea and light refreshments is served after the workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing.
If you are a member, please call 1300 318 817 or email [email protected] to purchase your pass.

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